Wednesday, April 01, 2009


If you are a nurse who is working in Kuwait and planning to process resignation formality,there are two ways you can do your formalities. Firs, you can pay somebody to process your paper in ministry of health. This way is good for you because you will not be confused and tired going to so many ways. Another way you can do by yourself.

At least 2 weeks before the start of 3 months plan of resignation. Submit your letter of resignation to the nursing director , you can apply all balance leave before or after your planned resignation date.

At least allow 2 months to process your clearances and other papers before your exit flight.

  1. Ministry Of Energy ( South Surra, beside where civil ID is being taken), same day to claim.
  2. Ministry Of Communication ( your area covered by such service include in your clearance letter that "zero line" is cut off or if you do not have such line, specify clearly. Same day to claim.
  3. Ministry Of Interior In Jabriya, 2 days to claim
  4. Bank ( depends on your standing / commitments) 2 days to claim.
  5. Housing ( hostel / live out ), same day to claim.
  6. Hospital Clearance, 2-3 days to claim. Experience certificate : ask request letter from nursing director ; submit to Matron Fauziah's secretary in Sabah Finance, letter will be issued by matron Fauziah's secretary to be sent to ministry of health 2-3 days to claim.
  7. After bank clearance, submit to sabah finance with one paper starting your salary and allowance that shall be given by the ministry of health, same day to claim.

In Resignation section, submit all complete clearances to Ministry of Health , to process your ticket and civil formalities.

  1. Cancelling of visa ( 2 pictures ), 3 days.
  2. Civil service ( 10 days )
  3. Settlements claims
Noted : All expected time frame are unpredictable due to various circumstances ahead.

any comments? critics? suggestions or additions?

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